Oct 21, 2012

Big matters and Small matters

by  Shohana Akter

In the evening I saw a facebook comment and in reply I mentioned to that person that he did not realize what he said. Certainly we don't give thought to what we say most of the time, if we would then human race would have stopped talking ..Entirely. But after an hour or so I went on repeating the mistake of that certain individual. I said something which could have caused a fitnah by forgetting the hadith which "I "quote thousand times a day!

"Fitna is asleep; may God curse the one who awakens it."

Facebook is not fitnah book rather we create fitnah in FB. Like my students who often say "Bangladeshi people are not good" by forgetting "we make Bangladesh, if the people are not good it's simply because we are not good".

Few minutes back I came across this hadith which states,

"One of you will say a word and give it no consideration, though it will drag the person [who uttered it] through Hellfire for 70 years." [Al-Tirmidhi].

In the last sermon of the Beloved Prophet (pbuh) he said at one point "Beware of the devil, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things."

We talk about fiqh and aqueeda through out the day by giving least importance to our own character. We are always busy in thinking "how jahil(ignorant) people are becoming!" by forgetting we could not get out of our own Jahalah(ignorance)! We say things , we believe things and we preach things even though we are failing many times a day to act upon our own sayings , belief and preaching. Most importantly we don't even recognize our own mistake. Our "Islamic hype" certainly covers our eyes from recognizing our own mistakes.  We tend to break our own protocol; we tell people to follow the prophet but it seems we have failed severely in doing the same thing. Prophet was certainly not a "Fiqh master". Prophet came to teacher us his character, the character which is great like the Quran (because his character was like Quran). The objective of sharia' /fiqh is to turn us into "Ashraful Makhluqaat" as in Best of the creation. To make us act upon our fitrah , the fitrah (nature) given by Lord. Most probably our concern/over concern for sahih Aqueeda will save us from shirk, which prophet indicated in the last semen but our ignorance of ourselves will make us break our own protocol, will make us act against our own belief. Without even realizing we go on using our "sharp" speech which does not necessarily remove the misconception but certainly cuts a heart into thousand pieces.  We are not concern about our speech, mostly we are not. The first action of believe is "Utterance" of shahada. The limb which gives witness of our belief before any other organs is our tongue. When we mention of condition of belief we don't mention important organs like eyes or hearing but we always mention "to confirm the belief through TONGUE". Our first limb to assure our belief might assure our first step to Hell fire. I again want to quote this hadith from Tirmidhi rahimahullah

"One of you will say a word and give it no consideration, though it will drag the person [who uttered it] through Hellfire for 70 years." [Al-Tirmidhi].

This is the high time we think before we talk …high time we consider the small matters with the same importance the way we consider the great matters.This is the high time we make use of our "Thinking capability" which is a great gift from The merciful.

May the merciful shower us with His infinite mercy.

[collected from facebook]

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